Do you own a game farm or wildlife area or are you planning to buy a game farm?

Ekofocus Wildlife Services will be able to assist you with making a well informed decision with the purchase or optimal utilisation and management of your land.

Important facts about Ekofocus Wildlife Services:

  • Ekofocus has been involved in specialist ecological projects in the game industry since 1994.
  • We are registered professional ecologists, bound by the SACNSP (South African Council for Natural Science Professionals) to maintain professional standards.
  • A big variety of projects have been undertaken, but all within the speciality field that includes game farms and wildlife.
  • Ekofocus has experience inside and outside the borders of South Africa. Projects have been undertaken in all the provinces of South Africa. International projects include projects in Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi and Swaziland.
  • From our experience, as well as speciality courses that were attended, the advice that we recommend is practical and applicable. We are also registered estate agents.
  • Since 1995 we have been writing articles in magazines and a monthly column in the Game and Hunt magazine. Furthermore we regularly do presentations at wildlife symposiums and functions since we are considered specialists in our field.
  • With many of the projects a team is involved, ensuring that more than one specialist is consulted for best advice and results.
  • Our clients are satisfied with our work and for this reason we are willing to provide contact details of any of our clients on request – refer to Clients.

Ekofocus Wildlife Services has three divisions that provide a professional service:

  • Ekofocus Wildlife Consultants for an ecological consultancy service to the current land owner regarding specific wildlife issues
  • Ekofocus Wildlife Property Consultants for assistance in finding and searching for the correct property and for an ecological consultancy service to the prospective land owner regarding the correct purchase for his/her needs and expectations
  • Ekofocus Management Solutions for management solutions to development-, rehabilitation- and other specialized management issues, such as burning of veld, and bush control. Also estate management.

Recent projects:

  • Managment company for two well known reserves.
  • Habitat studies for introduction of white rhino, black rhino, lion, roan on various private farms and reserves
  • Elephant impact assessment on a big reserve in the Waterberg area
  • We are the management company for a well known eco-estate
  • Mapping and eradication program of exotic vegetation at a Northam mining site
  • Monitoring of vegetation and wildlife consultation on various farms in the Limpopo Province
  • Study into the optimal utilization and financial implications of a 12 000ha reserve near Lephalale
  • Financial feasibility of a breeding project with buffalo and sable on private game farm in the Eastern Cape
  • Various habitat analysis, calculation of carrying capacities and veld and game management plans for private game farms




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