Current and Previous Projects

Management Company on Letlapa Pula Game Farm since 2013

  • Our responsibility is to manage the game breeding projects (sables, nyalas and impala), oversee the planning, implementation and reporting on game farm maintenance, management of the cattle herd, new development projects, the optimization and management of a crop and lucerne farm, the maintenance of various buildings, including lodges, game and veld management and all administration functions, including management of personnel and finances.

Full time farm management on Zwartkloof Private Game Reserve from 2012 to 2018

  • Our responsibility on this reserve was the servicing of the infrastructure (water system, electricity), maintenance of tar and gravel roads, fence maintenance and up-keep, water provision to game, vegetation control that included bush clearing, fire break preparations and fire management, up-keep of main administrative buildings and associated infrastructure, enforcement of rules, new game farm related developments.

Various optimization projects completed including

  • Redstag game farm optimization
  • Lindani game farm
  • Delagoa game farm