Management Solutions

EKOFOCUS Management Solutions

Looking for a solution for your game farm management needs or game farm development project?

Our vision:

Stewardship – we will assist you with your valuable property and projects and aim to be the best stewards we can possibly be. This includes an ethic and culture in our company that aims at responsible planning and management of your resources.


We are currently managing the following projects:

Full time farm management on Zwartkloof Private Game Reserve since 2012

  • Our responsibility on this reserve is the servicing of the infrastructure (water system, electricity), maintenance of tar and gravel roads, fence maintenance and up-keep, water provision to game, vegetation control that includes bush clearing, fire break preparations and fire management, up-keep of main administrative buildings and associated infrastructure, enforcement of rules, new game farm related developments.
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Overseeing management company of Letlapa Pula Game Farm (private game farm) since 2013

  • Here our responsibility is to manage the game breeding projects, oversee the planning, implementation and reporting on game farm maintenance, new development projects, , the optimization and management of a crop and lucerne farm, the maintenance of various buildings, including lodges, game and veld management and all administration functions, including management of personnel and finances.
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What makes us different:

  • Our management team consists of specialists – registered ecologists, game breeding specialists, project manager.
  • Our management style is unique – our workflow system is unique and effective.
  • We work on a pre-planned schedule. All projects and activities are based on our year programs, month programs and weekly programs
  • Our management system works effectively. Our extensive preparation and use of standard operating procedures ensures that the standard is maintained, even if we are not present at all times.
  • We have a well-oiled administration department with years of experience in financial aspects, but also experience in game industry related administration.
  • All the directors have their own land and extensive experience in game farming, game breeding and other related topics

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